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Jen Q.

st. Louis, MO
Quarantoned has given me a community that motivates me and holds me accountable! I’m super happy to be able to be part of a super supportive group that helps everyone achieve their goals.

Kayley R.

Boston, mA
I am so thankful for Quarantoned. Working out virtually with friends (new and old) keeps me accountable. Due to that accountability, I am in better shape than I was before quarantine - even taking into account the brownies I baked yesterday..

Maddie O.

Loudoun County, VA
Thanks to Quarantoned I am able to continue working on my fitness goals while also meeting new people. Everyone is amazing and I feel so accomplished after each work-out!

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Making gains? Whether you're looking for HIIT, chilling with a yoga class, or just have time for a bit of cardio, there's a meetup for that.

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We're students and young professionals who got antsy being quarantined inside!

We're all still meeting each other, so as long as you're pumped to try something new and are friendly, you'll fit right in 😊

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